How to check if a moving company is legitimate

Building a moving company starts from a person like other startups, So to check the legitimation of a moving company is related to the owner or CEO of that moving company.

Before knowing about the legitimacy of a moving company you should know about the types of moving companies that exist in the market, as I am since 10 years in this industry so what I am going to tell you is based on experience and practical market information.

So types of moving companies

1. Big reputed companies:

There are several big reputed companies which Agarwal packers and movers, writer relocation, Gati movers and VRL, A Trans and Safe express, these are the packers and movers who are serving good and running moving firms for a long time.

2. Online portals:

Who are mediators and serving good: In recent years No broker,, Happylocate and The Moveable, etc are the new portals that are capturing the industry with the help of the internet.

No broker:

Works as a b2b company because they have associated movers from which they take 15% of your complete cost.

Porter. in:

Porter is an affordable and reliable option as they provide packers and movers services with the help of other packers and movers like No broker at the rate of 10% commission. They also have access to labor and tempo, trucks in the market so they can be affordable.

Happy Locate:

They are also a third-party service provider, they will hire the movers for you and shift your stuff. They will take a commission from the packers and movers.

The Moveable:

This is a new company who do the packing and moving by themselves and provide a reliable service a good rates.

3. Small Packing Moving Firms:

These are the companies who are running the industry for a very long time and there are lacs of companies in India who are serving packing and moving.

But there are 3 types of small moving firms

1. The reliable ones
2. The ones who are not reliable nor fraud
3. The fraud ones

So the question of yours lies in the third type of companies they how you can check the legitimacy of a moving company.

So you have to decide which one is a good one, which one is in the middle of the good and bad and which ones are the bad ones.

But first, you should know about the 4th type of firm in this industry

4. The B2B directories:

There are several b2b directories like Justdial, Logisticmart and Sulekha, and Asknavigator. These b2b directories have an association with all these moving companies. As these moving directories send them customer details, are you confused? let me tell you how they do it.

Whenever someone searches for packers and movers then they end up clicking on an ad or any organic result from google ads.

These organic results are filled with b2b companies mostly and with ads, these small moving companies have chances of having a spot of getting the attention of yours and your visit on their site. So once you visit any b2b moving directory then they send your details to these moving companies i.e. to 3 or 4 companies and Justdial sends to 10 movers at a time.

Then they start calling you and take the details of your stuff and give you a quotation and based on that, you hire someone you like most. Most of the people hire a low quoted moving company.

So now you understood the sending customer details to these moving companies, so here the part of b2b company ends and then only moving company be responsible for everything.

Why I told you all these classifications because this industry knowledge will help you to get the details of their legitimacy.

So continuing our question of how you can check the legitimacy, let's break down it into parts.

1. Ask for the documents: 

First of all, if you end up on a moving directory like Asknavigator or Justdial or Logisticmart then ask them the documents of these packers and movers they are referring to, documents you can ask them are the company registration certificate, GSTIN, AADHAR card of the owner, pan card of firm and owner, etc. So that you can verify them.

Also, the same thing you can ask from the moving company you finalized after comparing cost and services.

2. Get Advice from The Moving Directories:

Get advice from the moving directory you end up clicking, you can call them and ask them if they have verified packers and movers or not, and if yes then which one is better.

3. Read online reviews:

If you want to check the legitimacy of any moving firm then you must read reviews of these moving companies at various portals like Glassdoor, Mouthshut, and Then you will be able to know what type of company you are dealing with and are they having any negative reviews or not.

4. Reference:

Ask for the reference of previous customers and if they provide you details of previous customers then call them and ask them are they good or not.

You can hire either reputable and big moving companies or online firms.

1. Hire reputable ones like Agarwal, VRL, Gati, safe express, etc. but the cost of these companies will be high so if you want a low-cost moving company then ignore them.

2. Hire online firms like The Moveable, and Porter these are the firm that does a good job and serve you safety, affordability, and easiness.

Rest is on you...

Happy Shifting

Param Veer Singh