How to Easily Avoid Fraudulent Movers

The situation was different ten years ago because fraudsters were not aware of online fraud at that time, and they didn't know how to do it online, but today it is different. As the online businesses rose in these years, the fraudsters also became experts and discovered ways to do online and offline fraud with different-different methods.

Many people get calls and messages about these frauds every day, and some get trapped in these scams.

Like that, the relocation industry was also affected due to such fraudsters. These fraud packers and movers steal people’s household items, cars, or bikes, and then they disappear or ask for more money and damage their stuff. That's why we regularly get such news in newspapers or on TV. 

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Fraud Packers Company News

How They Do Such Scams:

They become a packers and movers Company in any city and mainly in Delhi NCR, and then start their ads or online promotion for that company to get people trapped in their scams.

What do They do?

Registering Websites:

They don’t need anything, just a website and firm registration in the name of someone (that is not always the case because many of them don’t register anything.)

After getting the website ready, they start advertisements and other promotions for their so-called home shifting services (Tactics of getting trapped). And once they invest some money in ads, they start getting customers, and here they start their game. But Before that, there is another option for them that is

Getting customers from different-different local search engines and moving directories:

They start their package (number of customers in a price) of getting customers at a special price in a fixed amount. And these big companies begin to send them customers, sometimes without even verifying them.

When They Get any Customer:

When they get any customer, they give them the lowest cost compared to the market prices and convince them for doing the shifting with them. They pick their household easily because we are the ones who give them our household without even verifying them and know who they are, and later we get trapped in their scam.

What They Do:

Once they get a customer, they call the person who wants to shift their household stuff and then give them a lower price quote compared to the market rate. After calling and convincing the person, they visit their home and fix the shifting for a particular date. So 80% of people got trapped because of these lowest quotes.

When the shifting date arrives:

Once the shifting date arrives, they pick up the household stuff, as we know, and give a delivery date to the owner. Then they disappear, once you call them on the day or delivery date they either ask for more money or don’t pick the phone. If they ask you for more money, then even after paying that money, you will not be sure that you can get the stuff or not. Because if they deliver your stuff after a long delay, they will damage it or block you again and disappear.

So what Option Do We Have Then?

After this harassment happens, people go to the police station and complaint there, but there is also no surety that you can get justice or not.

Because justice is a long and hectic process also costs a lot of money.

And, if the system involves innocent people, then that is also an altogether different problem. Because any innocent company or person will be harassed due to this. So If we take some time and verify movers with few steps then why involving in these problems.

So How to Stay Away from Such Fraud Movers:

You should always keep in mind and take care of when hiring any moving company. Never believe any company or any moving directory that refers you, movers, because frauds somehow find a loophole in these companies’ terms and policies of registering themselves there.

How to Avoid Scam Moving Companies

So How You Can Stay Away and Hire the Right Mover for You?

These are the things you should take care of:

1. First of all, get quotes from 3-5 packers and movers companies in your local area. Several moving directories have good movers companies associated with them. You can call them or inquire about your home shifting requirement, and they will send you 3-4 quotes instantly.

2. After getting quotes from 3-5 packers and movers in your area, ask these companies about sending you their company documents, GSTIN number and the first page of GST, AADHAR card of owner, and pan card of owner and company. Verify these documents on your end.

3. Then go online and read reviews about these companies on Trustpilot, Mouthshut, Glassdoor, etc. There you will get genuine reviews about these companies and the overall rating of their services.

4. After reading the reviews, make a list of 2-3 movers as per the reviews, and then call them again to ask them testimonials of their previous clients or contact details of any prior customer if possible to know about what experience these people had with these companies.

5. Now you have the filtered companies for your household shifting. Now you can go with the company which you think suits your requirement most.

6. Also, you can ask them about the procedure of shifting, how they do packing, how they do the loading and the unloading process.

Note: Never go with the lowest quote because there are possibilities that the lower cost companies do frauds. Because the fraudsters always provide the lowest cost.

How Themoveable can help you with this?

The founder of Themoveable spent ten years in this industry and has experience and knowledge of this market; we also know about almost all the packers and movers companies in India. And we are our team has information about who are the fraudsters in the market and how they do it.

Before going further, let us give you an example of a moving company:

In Bangalore, there is a person, This person is blocked everywhere in these moving directories because he is the number 1 fraudster there, But even after stopping from everywhere, he is still getting customers and do fraud.

But how?

He picks people from his friend circle and in his family circle and asks them to start a moving company using their documents and greed them about the profit they will make. He traps new people who are struggling in their lives and looking to start any business or want to do something in life, so he asks such people to start a moving company and

Use such people’s documents to start the package and advertisement for getting customers, and then his game begins again.

But how Do We Know About It? And How We Avoid Such Packers and Movers?

Well, I the founder of Themoveable and our sales executives has an excellent hold in the market, and these companies know us, so they help us and tell the secrets of the market. We get information about these things from the market, like how and what such fraudsters are doing.

How Themoveable Select Genuine Packers and Movers Companies:

We always pick companies who have been working in this industry for a long time and providing good service to people.

1. We always work with the packers and movers companies that provide good services and were established a few years back.

2. We check their reviews and rating at other platforms and reputation history in the market like what they did, how they work etc.

3. We get documents from these companies like the AADHAR card of the owner, GSTIN number and GST first page, Company pan card and owner pan card etc. 4. And if we get any regular complaint about them, we give them only two chances to provide good services to customers; otherwise, we block them at our company. But first, we help our customer who had problem with packers and movers.

5. Also, if we get any serious complaints (That have not happened till now), we have the policy to block them immediately and help the customer who had a bad experience with them.

So if you want to shift your household items smoothly with a good shifting experience, then always follow the steps we mentioned above and never believe any company or anyone.

And we are doing this research and quality checks to make your shifting experience pleasant and cheerful. We will send you three quotes, and you can choose from these three quotes and hire the one you like the most. Still, if you have any doubt, follow the above steps and then select the right one.

We are trying to make your shifting experience very good.


Always get the quotes from moving directories like us and then follow your steps to verify further. Moving companies do their research about these companies. However, still, there can be room for further research about 1% if you do that; you will be able to get the right packers and movers company to transport your household stuff with ease and without any problems.

Happy Shifting!