What Is Your Home Shifting Service Charges

Everyone has this question in mind who wants to shift their home. Knowing the actual cost of your home shifting is important for getting it done within your budget and with reliable movers and packers. But to get reliable packers and movers, you must know about the legitimacy of the moving company you are hiring. But we are discussing the cost classification of your home shifting, so you have the question in mind

But what is the actual answer for this?

And where they can find an estimated cost and how? And based on what exactly movers give you quotes?

So let us discuss first, what are the basics of your home shifting cost. It will help you understand how moving companies give you cost estimations.

1. Number of Items:

The cost depends on the number of items. To understand how you can make a list of number of items, first, let's divide them into categories

Heavy Items:

Almirah, Fridge, T.V., Air Conditioner (window or split), Beds, Chairs, Table, Dining Table, Sofa Set (with or without table), etc.

Delicate items:

•    Glass table
•    Center table with attached glass
•    Porcelain flower pots
•    Photo frames
•    Any other item made with glass or any delicate metal

Smaller items:

Like kitchen utensils, clothing, crockery, etc.

So the moving company will evaluate the items first, and then they calculate the packing cost of these items.
So here the further classifications of the cost come that are

2. Packing cost:

After evaluating your household stuff, the packers and movers will analyze how much packing material they need and what those packing items would cost.

3. Loading and Unloading:

To load the items with safety, they should bring their human resources, so as per the list of your household items, they will calculate how much labor will be needed to include that expense.

4. Transportation:

To transport your household stuff, the packers and movers company have to bring their vehicle to carry your complete household items safely. So after getting a list of your household stuff, they will analyze what type of vehicle will be suitable for your home shifting.

5. Unpacking:

If you ask for unpacking, then they will include the cost of unpacking as well; by the way, many packers and movers include this service addon, but still few charges extra for this as this is also a time-consuming task and that cost them time and money both.

6. The distance:

Distance is also an essential part of your packing and moving because when you shift your household stuff, packers and movers ask you from where to where you are shifting. They calculate the distance between source and destination, which decides the vehicle's expenses they bring with them.

Sometimes people get confused with 100 and 200-meter distances because they think that the packers and movers don't need vehicles in such a situation, but that is not true. They need the vehicle to carry the stuff and move it from your current building to the next building, even if you have either the towers or buildings in the same society.

So that's it. That is the cost classification of your home shifting process. So if you want to transport your household stuff, then after reading this, you will be able to understand the charging process of the packers and movers.

If you are thinking of transporting your household stuff, don't hesitate to ask us the accurate cost of your shifting. The Moveable will help you with cost estimation and hassle-free shifting as well.

Let's discuss the second question that is

Where you can find an estimated cost and how?

Well, I already explained this in another blog with complete details. That will help you understand the industry of movers, where you can find the movers, and how you can check the legitimacy of the packers and movers.

But let me tell you briefly here.

For getting the cost of your home shifting, You have to search on google; then, you will see search results consisting of Google ads and Organic results.

Both the type of results consist of 2 types of firms.

1.    B2B directories:

Several B2B directories are running ads and ranking on google for specific terms that you search on google.

What do they do? These moving directories have a list of packers and movers associated with them. So whenever you contact these moving directories by filling their contact form, cost calculator form or call them, they send your details to 4 packers and movers companies. And those 4 companies start calling you and tell you the cost after getting your household items details from you.

2.    Packers and Movers Companies:

The moving firms that provide packers and movers services also run ads, and 2-3 big moving firms like Agarwal, VRL etc., have organic ranking for the terms you search on google. So you can contact them and get the cost for your household shifting.

But the main hurdle comes when you have to finalize them and hire one of the moving firms. So to overcome this hurdle, you should know how to avoid fraud movers and the ways to check the legitimacy of the packers and movers companies.

If you want to know the cost of your home shifting, then don't forget to ask us.

Happy Shifting
Param Veer Singh