What to do if scammed by a moving company

Verifying movers is a very important part of your home, bike, or car shifting. But you missed that, don't worry! I will tell you how you can get your stuff back.

Let’s first know about the types of movers in the industry that will be helpful for you to understand the steps and get the fraud moving company that scammed you.

Types of Packers and Movers:

1. Reputed companies like Agarwal:

If you contact the original Agarwal then the cost will be high but you will get safe service. I am not sure about good service but it will be safe for sure.

2. Small moving company but reliable one:

There are many companies that are reliable and do safe and affordable packing and moving for your household stuff.

3. The fraud ones:

These are the companies who are doing frauds every other day. And you got scammed by one of them.

So what to do now?

So your solution lies in 2nd and 3rd types of companies

So let's be realistic and do some useful talks to help you with it. First, of all you already did a complaint to the police, I will not repeat these things that you already heard or read on the internet. But I will tell you the real ways to get the moving company who did this to you.

So first of all

1. Search packers and movers:

First of all, you search packers and movers in your area from where your shifting started, why do you need to do this? Because if you search packers and movers again then you will get 10 movers’ calls and they will call you to give a quotation instead of getting a quotation.

2. Ask them if they know (Name of moving company that did fraud with you):

Once you talk with 10 movers it will be certain that you will get some information from somewhere that who they (the moving company that scammed you) really are and where they are now?

They all belong to almost the same areas and know each other.

3. Ask them how you can get your stuff back?:

These other movers will tell you to like how you can get your stuff back what are the ways to get it back. They will help you with it.

4. Go to the police:

Go to the police with the information you got and the actual address of this moving company. So that you can ask the police to do further things and go with the police to their company address.

You must be thinking that this will do the police themselves, right? But who knows when they do it? So you are worried and you are in hurry so why don't you do this?

5. Go to their parent's home:

Most of the packers and movers are from villages so after connecting these moving companies who helped you to get the information, they can give you their village address too and the owner's father's name and number. So use that information and go to the village of that particular moving company's owner's home with police.

And don't be afraid of the village and villagers they are also good people and afraid of losing their prestige in society so if you go to the village then it will be certain that you might get your stuff back.

These moving directories and other packers and movers companies have their addresses and they know all the things about fraud moving companies like who are doing frauds and how they do it.

and Whenever you do a shifting in the future then make sure that you do some research first about the moving company and then hire them.

If you need any help then you can contact us we also have our network so If we have any information that can help you then we will definitely help you. You are just a call away.

If you find it useful then you can share it with others to help people get their stuff back. And get people to know about the industry first before starting their home shifting.